PRECYZJA Co-operative

Address: ul. Gdanska 99, 85-022 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Telephone: +48-52-3211561, 62, 64
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Siedziba firmy

PRECYZJA Co-operative was set up in Bydgoszcz in 1950. Since early beginnings it specialised in laboratory equipment and diagnostic tools for garages. In the last sixty years, Precyzja has designed and manufactured e.g.: laboratory chairs, centrifuges, hospital nurse-buzzers, aeroplane fuel dispensers, penetrometers for measuring lubricant density, piston ring gauges, sphygmomanometers, calorimeters that measure the heat of chemical reactions and electronic displays. As early as the sixties Precyzja mastered the art of making wheel aligners. For years, we single-handedly supplied every single garage in Poland, expanding our export at the same time. Even today, many of the garages use our Pko-1...4 devices. After that, in the eighties, the modern GTO appeared.

Drawing on its long-standing tradition in car diagnostics and its design team's ambitions, the company did not miss the opportunity that came along with the introduction of new market economy. The competition from foreign companies mobilised our efforts to protect the domestic market and capitalise on the dynamic growth of the automotive sector. In the 90's we entered into an agreement with the leading German companies: Beissbarth from Munich and Harmann Electronic from Nurnberg. In an effort to modernise even further we split the competences between three newly emerged companies that developed from the co-operative, thus leaving the co-op the coordinating function.

Companies within the PRECYZJA Group:


  • design of car diagnostics equipment,
  • manufacture of car diagnostics equipment,
  • design and manufacture of garage tools and accessories,


  • sales of PRECYZJA aligners within the country,
  • sales of Corghi aligners,
  • sales of ZIPPO lifts,
  • sales of AUTODATA literature and CD's,
  • marketing of the above, organisation of trade shows and responsibility for the Group's public relations,
  • warranty and out-of-warranty service of PRECYZJA's and imported machines,


  • design and manufacture of laboratory equipment,
  • design and manufacture of specialist computer and electronic systems,
  • PC software,
  • marketing and service of the above,

PRECYZJA Co-operative

  • co-ordination of all activities within the Group,
  • administration of the Group's infrastructure